Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating equipment with two unbalanced motors. Available in a wide variety with applications in mining, chemical industry, food, recycling, etc.

alimentador sr1 1Characteristics

GOSAG vibrating feeders are equipments moved by moto-vibrators positioned directly on a bedplate, removing the necessity of transmissions or mechanical couples.

Its robust construction in carbon steel, such as the possibility to cover with interchangeable antiwear steel plates, stainless steel or special covering depending on the product let us supply them to a huge  kind of industries. Also available in stainless steel AISI 304 and 306.

Standard configuration on compression springs, but also supplied for hung or combined installation, if required. 

Optionally equipped with antidusting cover, dust extraction system or in/ outlets.


All kind of vibrating feeders are drived by electromechanical motors of high reliability for continuous working and intermittent, protected against dust and for installations that are outside IP 56, for threephase of 50 or 60 Hz and 650 V. There is the possibility to have moto-vibrators with ATEX characteristics.


The capacity indicated in the brochure's tables of each type of equipment are based in a material with a density of 1,6t/ m3, free flow and coat thickness equal to the total height of the trough. It can be obtained bigger capacities for the same equipment increasing the thicknesses of the coat displace by housings fixed lateral channelers or modification of standard motorization.


  • Capacity up to 600t/ h and wide from 600mm to 2.000mm

Grizzly feeder type TSD

  • TSD feeders have two vibrators (machine based in TS vibrating feeders which it's added a grizzly-divergator in the outlet) 
  • Capacity up to 700t/ h

Longitudinal vibrating feeders

  • AL         2 vibrators up to 40t/ h
  • TR1       2 vibrators up to 275t/ h
  • SR1       1 vibrator up to 200t/ h
  • TS1       2 vibrators up to 275t/ h
  • TS2       2 vibrators up to 400t/ h
  • TS3       2 vibrators up to 750t/ h

Tubular/ rectangular vibrating feeders TC/ TTR

  • Up to 50m3/ h

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