Allgaier Screening Machines

Classification/ safety screening/ de-dusting of bulk materials of all branches. Classification systems at the highest technology level for fine products and powders. Nowadays, Allgaier is the biggest screening machines manufacturer in Europe and a worldwide leader.

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  • Especially suitable for fine screening and precise classifications.
  • Available tumbler screening and vibration screening.
  • For dry or wet screening applications.
  • Gentle product treatment.
  • Wide range of screen cleaning systems available.
  • ATEX type certificate.
  • Individual adaptation for each application.
  • Robust design.

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Tumbler Screening Machines TSM/ TSI

Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machines are especially suitable for fine screening and precise classifications up to 6 fractions.

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  • Modular system.
  • Diameter 600mm to 2,900mm.
  • Mild steel and stainless steel.
  • ATEX type certificate.
  • Wide range of screen cleaning systems available.
  • Safety screening/ de-dusting of bulk materials in all industrial brunches.

Download catalogue: Tumbler screening machines TSM / TSI 

Vibratory Screening Machines VTS

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  • Dry and liquid screening.
  • Classification/ safety screening/ de-dusting/ dewatering.
  • Modular system.
  • Diameter 600mm to 1,400mm.
  • Up to 4 fractions.
  • ATEX type certificate.

Download catalogue: Vibratory Screening Machines VTS


Vibratory Screening Machines VRS


  • Economic alternative comprising standardized modules.
  • Dry and liquid screening.
  • For simple classification/ safety screening/ de-dusting/ dewatering applications.
  • Diameter 600mm to 1,500mm.
  • Up to 4 fractions.

Download catalogue: Vibratory Screening Machines VRS 




Safety Screening Machines D


  • Type series VIBRALL with 2 motors.
  • Diameter 500mm to 1,800mm.
  • Mild steel and stainless steel.
  • ATEX type certificate.
  • Centric in-and outlet for installation in pipework. 

Download catalogue: Vibrall D 


 Pharmaceutical Screening Machines 

tsm u. vts-pharma-siebmaschinen

  • Available with tumbler or vibratory screens.
  • Gentle product treatment.
  • Individual adaptation to the application.
  • Large variety options.
  • Complete pharmaceutical documentation.


Download catalogue: Screening machines for pharmaceuticals


Gyratory Screening Machines ARSM


  • For dry bulk materials of all kind.
  • Screening areas from 2m² to 12,5m² per deck.
  • ATEX type certificate.
  • Feed rates up to 350m³/ h possible.

Download catalogue: Chips screening