Sand Washing Plants

Equipment designed for washing sand and recover the most part of the water used during the process. 

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Also used in mineral washing, recycling, rivers and lakes purification, bentonite recovery for foundations and beet washing to produce sugar.

Frequently, products in arid treatment installations need to be washed, whatever these are from quarries or gravels. The most representative washing case of aggregates is for sand, where traditionally washing waterwheels and worms were employed. The use of hidrocyclones or hydraulic cyclones  in sandwashing equipments is the most efficiency method for an optimum sand washing process because it lets to remove the fraction below 63 microns without losing fines, as happens with waterwheel and worms.



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Washing plant estructure:

  1. Accumulation of bulk material in hopper with regulation of caudal through a vibrating feeder.
  2. Separation and washing of different distribution fractions in sizers with watering.
  3. Accumulation of gravels and other fractions through conveyor belt or directly between walls under sizer.
  4. Washing and wringer of sand’s pulp and flowing water by inferior sizer’s mesh. The best way to carry this washing stage is through a hidrocyclone with wringer. Here it’s obtained for one side the washing and wringer sand and for other the dirty water from the process.
  5. Sand wringer accumulation by a conveyor belt generally rotating
  6. Clays and filler dirty water clarification in settling tank or clarification with the help of a flocculant solution. There are two objectives in this stage: recover the most quantity of water to the process and concentrate the sludges produces to reduce the volume in the sorting jack or optimize the filter press size.

u bailen completaALLGAIER MOGENSEN is the owner of the GOSAG brand that produce for the Spanish market machines for washing and recovering minerals from used water since to obtain the highest quality with lower water consume for over 20 years.

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