MOGENSEN Sizer type E

The MOGENSEN Sizer type E executes a variable elliptical movement along the mesh, making the classification effectiveness grow. It was created to improve the old MOGENSEN S model (with two vibrators and a short mesh of 1.300 mm).



  • One vibrator.
  • It can use up to 5 mesh decks to obtain up to 6 different products depending on the distribution curve of the material.
  • High efficiency classification.





 Sizer E 1046 C

cribas-e-2056-c5-con-alimentador-rv-45  criba-e-2046-c2.-arena 
2 Sizers E 2056 C5 with vibrating feeder RV45            Sizer E 2046 C2 
Crushed dolomite                                                         Sand

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