MOGENSEN Sizer Accessories

Special devices and accessories:

  • Irrigation system for wet screening, containing a washing ramp and showers in the meshes.
  • Cleaning system by rebounders, electrical heating for meshes and pneumatic system of meshes distension.
  • Parallel or Divergent bars system (Divergator) for preclassifying and special applications.      
  • Against dust closures.
  • Trays and outlets.
  • Support structure.
  • Inlet feed.
  • Antivibration support bedplate.
  • Electrical cabinet and protection for the vibrators.
  • Braking module.
  • Outlet coverings, coating, wear protection plate or antiadherent material.
  • Meshes distention sensors.
  • Vibration Monitoring System, resonance and meshes breakage. 
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Washing showers.                                       Divergator system.


machine master jpg

Monitoring system.

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