Other GOSAG Sand Washing Equipments

After the washing of material any stage two major problems:

  • The treatment of the sludge generated in the washing process.
  • The recovery of water for recirculation.

The solution is obtained from common form installing a sludge with a dissolution of flocculant decanter.




Dirty water obtained from the process enters the clarifier by mixing box and receives the flocculant dissolution; his concentration and amount are very important for optimal performance.

In the box, are forced to mix the dirty water and flocculant to a specific route, forming the flocs with appropriate size and constitution. After the tour, the mixture enters deposit by the central chimney, where the mud starts to decide quickly to the bottom.


CG1240 clarifier with cuba's clear waters of 6.5 m

Clarifiers GOSAG include a slurry pump which sucks the central cone to the clarifier and pumped it up to the desired point. The pump starts automatically when ordered by the effort of the scraper gauge.

autofloc grande


Control of flocculant automatic system through a control system that regulates the cycles.


Flocculant dosing is done by a bomb whose speed is regulated with a frequency inverter the dirt from the input material conditions.








Equipment that automates the control of flocculant dosage. The computer automates the operation taking continuous samples of the mixture of dirty water and flocculant, analyzing the times of flocculation and the quality of the water.

Depending on the result of the analysis of frequency converter acts on the dosing pump, varying the flow of flocculant contributed to always obtain a good quality of the recovered water and economic savings.



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