GOSAG Compact Sand Washing Units

These equipments were developed to wash sand although they are used too to wash minerals, purification of rivers and lakes, granulometric curves recomposition, contaminated grounds treatment, bentonite sludges treatment, etc.
la 400x160-2

In this types of applications, throwput and efficiency of these equipment are higher than the other machines as waterwheel or washing worms, getting always good quality sands due to a bigger friction  capacity between particles and the biggest fines' sand recuperation (from 50 microns depending on the cyclone diameter).

The use of hidrocyclones or cyclones in the sand washing groups is most efficiency method for a good washing, understanding like this wash that let remove a fraction under 63 microns without fines lost.

Sand washing machines are designed to obtain sands that are demanded by industry necessities, such as granulometry, harmful materials cleaning (clays, organic matter, chlorides, sulphates, etc.)



The work principle in this kind of equipments can be summarize according with the following scheme:

1.Water's pulp feed and dirty sand to the tank.
2.Pump stage from the principle tank to cyclone.
3.Pulp cyclone stage (sand separation and clay or filler).
4.Clay and water entry from cyclone to the secondary tank to the automatic regulation of principle tank level by a buoy’s system.
5.Cleaned sand wringer from cyclone.
6.Clay or filler and water exit from secondary tank to decanter.
7.Sand exit already washed by a chute to the accumulation.


grupo de lavado blanco

la 600 x 300

  Sand washing machine for 160 TPH of washed sand 








 Sand washing machine for 300 TPH of washed sand


grupo doble lavado



 Depending on the percentage of material to eliminate and the necessary quality in the final product can be necessary several stages of washing in serial. In this process with several cycloning stages, the material obtained by the peak of the first hidrocyclone that goes to the following tank and so on until the sand washing is finished. 

Depending on the work specifications to do, it's selected the components of each equip (pump, motor, wring, hidrocyclone, etc). The big quantity of the possible combinations let produce practically as the client needs for the installation a wide range of machines, optimizing the necessary inversion to make the installation.


ALLGAIER MOGENSEN is the owner of GOSAG brand that produce for the Spanish market for over 20 years sand washing machines and machines to recover used water from this process, letting obtain high quality sands with a low water consume. 


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