Allgaier Dryers

ALLGAIER dryers are used succesfully in almost all industrial sectors. ALLGAIER drying systems are extremely adaptable. Their design features and the large number of available options allow extremely productive processes designs. Regardless of whether a single unit or a complete system is needed, ALLGAIER can meet every requirement.

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Complete solutions, including engineering, installation and commissioning.

ALLGAIER proves its competence in the area of plant construction.


  • High termal efficiency.
  • Few parts subject to wear.
  • Product-optimised drying.
  • Variable design permits rapid conversion for different products.
  • High degree of energy utilisation.




ALLGAIER has extended and perfected the use of drum dryers. The result of this work is a range of designs for new combined processes in a single system which are therefore very effective and economical.


  • The drum dryers are available in single-shell. double-shell and triple-shell versions.
  • The design ensures high performance in a small place. Special versions also permit the use of combined processes.
  • ALLGAIER still produces and develops the drum driers system "MOZER" with their unbeaten quality and performance.

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Download catalogue: Drying Technology



Drum dryers/ Coolers TK y TK+

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  • MOZER system.
  • For gravel, silica sand, natural sand, limestone.
  • TK for an optimum of energy efficency.
  • TK+ for highest energy efficiency.

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Drying and Cleaning Drums TRH


  • MOZER system.
  • Drying and cooling of contaminated limestone.
  • Replacement of limestone washing plants.

Download catalogue: Drying and Cleaning Drums
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Drying and Label Removing

allgaier label remover

  • Drying and mud remover for sorting of glass.
  • Processing of used glass and recycling.

Download catalogue: Glass drying and cleaning
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Fluid Bed Dryers Applications

Vibration Dryers/ Coolers WS-V-T/ K

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  • Wide range of applications for bulk and powders in all branches.
  • Two mass-resonance systems.
  • Free oscillating systems.
  • Food, chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, plastics.

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Fluidised Bed Dryers/ Coolers with Heat Exchangers WS-HF-T/ K

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  • Maximum throughput in combination with minimum energy consumption.
  • Indirect heat transfer by inmersed heat exchanger bundles.
  • Salt and soda production, potato granules, animal fodder.
  • For bulk materials and powders with regular granulometry.

Download catalogue: Fluid Bed Driers with heat exchangers
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Rolling Bed Dryer WB-T

installation wb-t

  • For low temperature drying and effective waste heat recovery and utilization.
  • Wood chips, green waste cuttings.
  • Organic residuals.
  • Sugar beet pulp and bagasse.
  • Alternative fuels.

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Dispersion Dryers FL-T


  • Concurrent flow principle.
  • Gentle short time drying.
  • For powders, flours and fibres.
  • For starches, potato granules, sodium sulphate, grass fibre, chitosan.

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Batch Dryer WS-CA


  • For granulation and agglomeration.
  • Design according to GMP/ FDA regulations.
  • Top-spray, bottom-spray and side-spray.
  • With or without inert gas circuit.
  • Explosion-proof design.
  • Including qualification for FDA validation.

Download catalogue: Vibration Batch Drier
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