Distributing Feeders

Special vibrating feeder equipment designed to transform a concentrate material flow in one or two flows distributed along a specific longitude.

rv gosag 1Characteristics

GOSAG vibrating feeders are vibrating machines moved by motovibrators coupled directly on a base, there by eliminating the need of mechanical couplings and transmissions.

Its robust construction in carbon steel, such as the possibility to cover with interchangeable antiwear steel plates, stainless steel or special covering depending on the product let us supply them to a huge kind of industries. Also available in stainless steel AISI 304 and 306.

It can be equipped with two antidust covers, with or without dedusting system, inlet and outlet with Trelleborg closures against dust leaks or material rebounded which make it totally watertight.


All kind of electromechanical vibrating feeders are driven by vibrating motors with high reliability such as a continuous work as intermittent, protected against dust and the possible installation outdoors, IP 56, for threephase currents of 50 or 60 Hz and till 650 V. Possibility with moto-vibrators with ATEX characteristics.


Variable capacities depending on the necessities of the other equipment integrated in the process line.

  • RV GOSAG         Up to 1000 t/h
  • TMS GOSAG       Up to 450 t/h* (depending on the installation angle)

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