Densimetric Tables

GOSAG densimetric tables obtain very good results in dry separation of products with different specific densities.

The development of the dry densimetric separation tables had its origin in the mineral industry for the enrichment of the minerals. Later on, this technology has been transferred to other industries and activities such as quarries, recycling plants for waste and chemical, wood and food industries. Therefore, the products to be treated have increased, among which some are:

dsc02535 - copia

Mineral products: cassiterite, wolfram, circonium, ilmenite, fluorine, manganese, barytine, sulphides (lead, copper, zinc, antimony), rutile, lime, dolomite, coke, coal, phosphate, mica, etc.


Miscellaneous: triturated bones, green and toasted chicory, coffee, cereals, green beans, green waste, compost, plastic and rubber granulates, iron alloys, crushed electric cables, crushed cars, crushed tyres, demolition materials, etc.


Many companies have verified the efficiency of separation and the capacity obtained thanks to GOSAG tables in the treatment of the products mentioned above.


There are two tables densimetric types GSort and GOSAG FM on the market, according to the degree of severity of the application.


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