The equipments made by Allgaier Mogensen and the rest of companies that belong to ALLGAIER Group are used successfully all over the world making different chemical products like sulphates, chlorides, phosphates, ceolites, urea, citric acids, explosives, carbides, pesticides, pyrites, gummies, ceramic varnishes, pigments, etc.

You can find a big range of equipments manufactured in stainless steel and mild steel like:

Distributing feeders: depending on the exact job that you want to perform they are suitable for installation under dump bodies, feeding or extraction of other equipment such as mills, sizers...

Mogensen sizers: to make reliable and accurate separations by particle size, obtain high efficiency of production.

MSort: classifying high-precision optical capable of detecting minimum differences of color, brightness, transparency or form, other optical properties of the material to be treated. Some models come with metal detectors that separate the metallic elements of the flow of material.

ALLGAIER screening machines: for the realization of fine and ultrafine high precision cutting.

Dryers and coolers: both rotary type Mozer as of fluid bed, depending on the application specific, made to measure for your exact needs with possibility to supply turnkey.